We have a dog named Tuck


We have a dog named Tuck. Tuck is a Puggle that is less than a year old. Tuck was shipped to us in June 2012. He was a three month old puppy at the time. We found him on the internet on one of those buy Puggles websites. He was flown to us from Ohio all the way to California. My two kids were estatic when Tuck arrived. They have never had a dog before. He was very shy and timid the first couple of weeks. He would not leave the back patio when we put him in the backyard eventhough we have a large backyard. He started to get curious after two weeks and then that is when the work in progress started. He was having urine and poop accidents all over our house. We had no idea on how to potty train a puppy. We went to our local pet store and read a pamplit and that gave us some ideas like block off parts of the house and taking him outside every hour no matter what. I wish we would have purchased a potty training book for dogs. I found a good potty training ebook online. You can look at the ebook by going to House Training a Puppy.

The other thing that we not prepared for with a new puppy was how much they like to chew things that are within reach. We were finding chewed up sandles, tennis shoes and clothes all over the house.  We found chewed up electric chords, books and other items for the next two weeks. We were getting very frustrated with our new dog. We were on the verge of sending him back until we learned a few  things about how to prevent a puppy from chewing things. If I were to do it all over again ,I would have purchased a book before the dog arrived. If you are considering getting a new puppy , you  should go to a book store and get a book or check out this dog training ebook. Just hit the click here button to check out the dog training book Click Here!

I will give you first hand experiences on our puggle so that you can decide if that is the type of dog for you. I know that a person can purchase a pet from a dog breeder or just go to the sspca.org so I am just real life experiences for would be dog owners.

Our Puggle broke down our couch cushions

We had to get rid of our couch because our puggle kept sitting on top of the back cushions until they finally were too flat. When we first obtained our puggle as a puppy we noticed that he liked to perch on top of the cushions that we rest our backs on. We thought it was cute because he was only a 15 pound puppy. He acted like a cat just sitting on top of the cushion looking towards the front door. He would even sit on the back cushions when we were sitting on the couch watching tv. We finally started noticing the cushions to start flattening out as he gained weight and grew.
We finally realized that we needed to train him to not sit on the back of the couch. We told him to get off the couch every time we saw him on the top of the couch. We realized that every time we left the house and came back he was on top of the cushions. We even took away the back cushions to try to break his habit of sitting on the cushions.
As soon as we returned the cushions he was back on top of the couch. We finally gave up and got rid of the couch as it didn’t look good anymore. We purchased a new couch that did not have back pillow cushions on the couch. We purchased a sectional couch that did not have detached pillow type cushions. The back of the couch is narrow and attached all together. Our puggle does not sit on the top of our couch now.
I would highly suggest that if you see your new puppy puggle sitting on the top back couch cushions that you break him of the habit right away.
I wish there was a manual that came with our dog when he was a puppy because he certainly has more quirks than any other dog that we have owned.

Update on Tuck the puggle

Our dog Tuck is now more than one year old. He has stopped chewing our shoes now except I did find a partial chewed up thong. I don’t mean the underwear thong. We can now leave our shoes on the ground without worrying about it. He still chews our shorts, socks or pants in the crotch area.He seems to like the sweat in clothing and just cant keep his mouth off of it. He will stop chewing if we yell at him.
He still seems to have separation anxiety though. I went to a friends house a few weeks ago with Tuck. My friend has little dogs so I thought it would be fun for him. I let Tuck go in the back yard but as soon as I left he started crying. He kept jumping on the fence trying to get to me all day. It took him five hours to play around with the young dogs. I was with the guys so they gave me a bad time about my dog because he wouldn’t let me do anything without him. I just wonder if it is a puggle trait to not want to leave the side of its owner. He does the same thing at home if we have someone new at the house. He will not leave my side if we have guests over or someone working on the house.
Our dog also needs to sleep with me or the kids. He doesn’t just sleep at the foot of the bed though. He has spoon me when he sleeps or he sleeps on top of my kids legs. It still seems that the puggle might not be a good type of dog for all people.

Puggles like to snuggle too much

We learned something about our new puppy that was not explained to us at the time of purchase. Puggles do no like alone time and they really like to sleep with people.
When we first received our puppy, we tried to teach him to sleep in a crate. We put him in a crate in our downstairs bathroom. He was like a newborn infant. He
just cried all night and kept us awake. We couldnt handle that at all. We needed to take kids to school in the morning and go to work so sleep was neccessary.
We then put him in our room in his bed on the floor but he would not sleep and just walked around the room sniffing things and chewing them up. We finally gave in
and put him in our bed. He slept very good in our bed and we slept great for a couple of weeks. Our great sleeping finally came to and end when we realized that
Tuck kept moving closer and closer to me  until he was finally sleeping on top of my legs. I could sleep for about an hour with a 16 pound puppy on me but when I would roll over I would wake up. Someone might think it is very cute to have a puppy sleep on you every night but it is very difficult to get a  good nights sleep with something sleeping on you. We finally gave up on the dog sleeping on us and put Tuck in a crate in the garage to sleep since it was the summer.

That turned out to be a good decision. I would not hear him bark until six in the morning. I would just wake up then and take him outside to use the bathroom.  We just ran into another sleeping problem with our dog. Now that winter is upon us, we had to put Tuck back inside. He will sleep great for half the night inside his crate but he wakes up and the only way that he will go back to sleep is if he sleeps with me. It is like we have an infant again. If a person doesnt like to sleep  with dogs, maybe you should’nt buy a puggle. If you have allready purchased one and need help with training him then you should Click Here!. You can get alot of help with training your dog with this training system.